Wellwork/Well Services

Scope of Services consultant and supervise at Wellwork/wellservice included:

  • Manage and supervise all aspects of Wellwork Operation safely, reliably and efficiently including moving and rig up/rig down.
  • Ensure that all written Workover program is properly implemented.
  • Ask for additional data if necessary, understand and anticipate any potential hazards.
  • Inform and consult with engineer, Team Leader or Wellwork Engineering if any aspect of written program cannot or should not be implemented.
  • Ensure tha General Work Permit, MIGAS safety checklist, FSWP, CWSI, DROPS and all required SOP and JSA are available before job execution
  • Pro-active to prevent accident and conduct assessment on unsafe act and unsafe condition at rig site including at risk reporting
  • Ensure that all HES programs are properly implemented.
  • Provide written daily report and complete well report, include but not limited to wellsite management, work progress, well problem, cost, material inventory, resource loading, HES, accident report, recommendation for improvement. The reports to be submitted to Team Leader.
  • Follow Wellwork PDCE (Plan, Do, Check, Evaluation) system.
  • Follow CWSA Findings
  • Implement Stop Working Authority (SWA)
  • Involve in (RCA) Root cause analysis as required.