Loading Master Specialist

Scope of Work included:

  • To assist and advice to Logistics Department in modern Logistics practices related to both on and offshore lifting operations.
  • Ensure that all lifts for all destinations are lifted correctly using certified and clearly colour coded lifting gear.
  • To conduct risk assessments prior to lifting critical lifts and procedure the lifting plans accordingly.
  • To implement all lifting regulations and procedures such as: NSL, LOLER and PUWER, and introduce good practices as recommended by the UKOOA.
  • Introduce and familiarize all departments with the cargo Zero Tolerance Police and Cargo Rejection Note. This to include standardizing all Logistics documentation and methods to optimize the transport operations.
  • Responsible for the safe loading and securing of materials on board vessels and road transport vehicles. Introduce cargo plans and identify stability problem with all forms of transport modes.
  • Ensure that load and lashing survey/s are carried out professionally and that certification required by MIGAS and DEPNAKER is issued prior to the vessels departure.