Fire Assessment & Training

Scope of Services:

Assess the existing conditions of Company fire teams and provide the recommended future fire organization structure and resources in regard to CT and NFPA standards.     Review the staffing level, roles & responsibilities, and resources;

  • Evaluate Company fire risks / fire suppression requirements and assess whether or not fire response equipment and personnel are properly deployed within Company’s area of operations commensurate with the risk / suppression requirements;
  • Review manning levels within the various Fire Teams and assess whether or not it is adequate given Company’s risks, suppression capability needs, fire equipment deployment strategies, etc.
  • Review overall Fire Team organizational structure, duties, responsibilities, reporting relations, etc. and assess whether the current Fire Team job descriptions are appropriate for Company’s organizations.

Identify standard required skills, knowledge, work-related experience, and/or training (short-term and long-term) for fire team personnel;

  • Identify Fire Team training requirements and develop training / drill schedule. Identify available training resources from outside Company.
  • Identify a Fire Brigade training requirements and develop training/ drill schedule.
  • Assist / mentor new Fire Team Leader to help him more fully understand his positions responsibilities, duties, and priorities.